AI generated image of how the scene in my dream looked

I dreamt I was visiting a still Celtic part of England.

I was travelling on the small country roads in a little red mini early in the morning with the mist still not cleared by the sun's rays.

All place names reminded me much of Cornwall with their still Cornish sounding names

depsite the british incursion and decline of the Cornish language.

The area still had a very british vibe to it with red post boxes and so on.

But the area had a eerie silence to it, no birds singing and nobody around.

Then before waking up the area "zoomed out" and I see a map of where I am.

It is a roughly square shaped island off the coast of Cornwall in some dark gray blue stormy seas.

Waking up I made a rough map of it while it was still fresh in memory seen here below:

Apple maps screenshot of Cornwall with my hand drawn island added just off the coast just a bit north of Newquay