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The last Pagans of Rome
In the dark and silent streets of Rome
Where the shadows dance on the cobbled stones,
There are still a few who keep the flame
Of the old gods, who still believe in their powers.
They gather in secret, in hidden places,
To worship the gods of the ancient world.
They pray to the sun and the moon and the stars,
And to the spirits of the earth and the sea.
They are the last of the Pagans of Rome,
And their numbers are dwindling fast.
But they will not give up their faith,
No matter how hard the Christians try to stamp it out.
They know that the old gods are still there,
Watching over them, protecting them.
And they will continue to worship them,
Until the day they die.
The last Pagans of Rome
Are a dying breed,
But they will not go quietly into the night.
They will fight for their faith,
To the very end.