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WINO (ワイノ) is a Japanese five-member rock band. They were mainly influenced by 1990s UK rock and the Britpop movement,
gaining popularity among Japanese UK rock fans.
Their opening theme song "The Sun Also Shines at Night" for the anime "HUNTER×HUNTER" became a smash hit.
However, due to subsequent contract issues, they faced difficulties in continuing their major label activities,
and eventually disbanded in November 2002 after the conclusion of their nationwide tour following the release of their 4th album "EVERLAST."

Band Members



Useless music

Useless music (1999)


Wino (1999)

Dirge No9

Dirge No.9 (2001)


Everlast (2002)


Lion (2003)


Jun Yoshimura discography

The lead singer Jun Yoshimura released one last album after WINO disbanded,
in 2004 he released the solo album moon risin' under the artist name Jun.

Moon risin

Moon risin (2004)

Hunter x Hunter

Music Videos